(Elizabeth wears: Mara dress, Forever 21 necklace)
(Maria wears: Forever 21 dress & earings, Rosary bracelet, Michael Kors watch)

... So last weekend we divulged ourselves to a short weekend getaway to Singapore! We needed a little distraction from school stresses among other things, and decided a trip to the lion city was a good idea. We were there for 4 days, and the pictures above show what we wore on our very last night there. Elizabeth wore a little black dress, and Maria chose a crimson long sleeved one.  For this occasion, we wanted the dresses to be the main attraction so we kept the accessories to a bare minimum. Remember, you don't have to go all out on accessories! A pair of shimmery earrings, and a simple gold chained necklace should do the trick. One thing you need to know: WE  GOLD (if you haven't noticed already). Gold accessories - necklaces, watches, rings, earrings, etc.  :) :) 

Photo diary with more photos of our Singapore trip coming soon! 

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