Elizabeth wears: Zara printed dress, H&M belt, Topshop sunglasses, New Yorker bag, H&M flats
Maria wears: Own design emerald green dress, Charles & Keith bag, Parachute flats, H&M glasses
Maria wears: Monteau top, own design skirt, H&M belt, H&M flats, New Yorker bag

There’s something about Rome that makes you just want to stay forever. Uber friendly inhabitants, best pasta in the world, views to die for, who wouldn’t want to stay here forever? The Eternal City, as they call it, is truly one of a kind. What we loved about it most was it’s utter richness in history and culture. Walk around Rome and without even trying you'll stumble across masterpieces. Sculptures by Michelangelo, paintings by Caravaggio, frescoes by Raphael and fountains by Bernini. It’s basically sightseeing heaven, there’s something major at every corner! It was quite overwhelming to take in at times. The Vatican was AMAZING as well. Tip: Don’t fall for the tours they offer you outside the gates, you’re perfectly capable of going through it without one! Another thing, we suggest staying anywhere close to the Red Line Metro, it’ll make your stay 10 times easier in terms of proximity and transportation. In a nutshell, we never felt like we ran out of things to do, and surely felt like we were leaving too soon after our 4 days in Rome came to an end.
One thing that you’ll need to know about us is that we love tailored clothes. Fit is everything. We often like to pick out fabrics at local fabric shops, go to the tailor and get pieces custom made. The first outfit that Maria is wearing is one of those outfits. It’s actually two pieces composed of a top and skirt of the same fabric, which then looks like a dress when paired together. The second outfit she wore, the black skirt is one we got made as well. Its a great alternative if you're not finding that exact piece you're looking for, to design and get pieces made fit for you. Especially, here living in Indonesia, it's quite easy to go to your local tailor as there are tons to choose from and it's inexpensive as well. Give it a go sometime! 



Elizabeth wears: H&M long-sleeved shirt, H&M black shorts, H&M statement necklace, New Yorker bag, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, H&M flats.  Maria wears: H&M white top, Ambiance skirt, H&M belt, Charles & Keith bag, H&M sunglasses, Parachute flats. Elizabeth wears: H&M bikini top and bottoms, H&M white high-waisted shorts, H&M sunglasses. Maria wears: H&M bikini top and bottoms, H&M shorts, Urban Outfitters sunglasses.

Spain's most cosmopolitan city welcomed us with it's seductive atmosphere, style, art and unbelievable architecture. During our three day stay, we quickly learned that there is mainly one person responsible for all the fantasy-like landmarks decorating the city grounds. Antoni Gaudi is the genius behind these landmarks, and out of many, we had the pleasure of visiting Parc Guell, Casa MilĂ , and the feast of twists and curves that is the basllica of La Sagrada Familia. Another thing, you can't go to Barcelona without visiting it's most famous street, La Rambla! The streets were jam packed, so many sights and sounds, shopping was an ultimate dream, and so many eateries and bars to choose from after an exhausting day. Fashion wise, we think a crisp white buttoned down shirt is essential in any young woman's closet! It's a classic that will never go out of style. I paired my white button down with a blue satin high waist skirt. Elizabeth wore another style of a white long sleeved shirt with gold detailing and paired them with short trousers. Contrary to what we thought in hindsight, our three day stay proved to be quite brief. We will always remember the amazing atmosphere, people, and pure genius that Barcelona had to offer!