As New York Fashion Week came to an end, we were finally able to take a take a five-minute breather! Although it must be noted, the minute that five-minute breather ended, I wanted fashion week to start all over again. I genuinely didn’t mind the hectic fashion show schedules, endless shooting agendas, draining sessions of trekking around the city in circles for days. If anything, I loved every second of the chaos and desperately searched for a restart button. 

On the bright side, it meant that I could freely roam the vast streets of New York City and finally sink in the sites like a real tourist should. When traveling, comfort is EVERYTHING to me. I don't want to wear anything that could remotely translate into a wardrobe malfunction. Therefore, when wanting to stay comfortable yet stylish, you can't go wrong with a cotton knee length dress. You just can't. I chose a striped figure-hugging, long-sleeved one from DKNY. It was the perfect dress for a long day in the city because it was so comfortable to wear. It's one of those low-maintenance dresses that look like anything but, with its intricate layering effect in the front and bold print. I loved the way it fit. A pivotal element? Its stretchy fabric meant I could easily move in it as well. It allowed me to walk/power walk/jog if I really wanted to. 

With it, I carried along my trusty Michael Kors Selma satchel in the color tan. It's safe to say that it's one of my favorite classic accessories as it goes with everything, and it's big enough to fit almost anything. This includes my absolute essentials which I brought with me eve-ry-where, such as: Fuji camera, makeup, NYC Lonely Planet guidebook, sunglasses, passport, a large water bottle and finally a pair of flip-flops (Yes, that's right. Just in case my feet get worn out from heels). That's why you don't see me carrying clutches very often - I don't/can't carry light!

As for my makeup look, I sported basic foundation, powder, blush + bright red lipstick. As you can see, I wasn't wearing any eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara. My eyes get easily irritated so If I know I'm going to have a particularly long day, I try to keep them natural. Also, I never ever wear mascara unless I absolutely have to. Mascara is wonderful to enhance ones lashes, but when applied on me, it feels uncomfortable, hence I stay clear from it. I'm obsessed with brows and I use a combination of Too Faced Bulletproof Brows in brunette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in dark brown and Tony Moly eyebrow tattoo in light brown to shape them. Last but not least, the lipstick I'm wearing is my favorite hue of red from Make Up For Ever

DRESS: DKNY BAG: Michael Kors SHOES: Zara

Alas, all good things must come to an end, so that other wonderful journeys may be given the chance to have their beginnings.  





Here it is! My second look for New York Fashion Week Day 3! This was hands down one of my favorite looks of the entire trip. Can you tell by how deliriously happy I look? I collaborated with Jakarta based designer Gina Devi Atelier to create this leather set. I knew I wanted something white (my favorite color to wear these days), edgy and daring - all tied with a bow of sophistication. When it came to color and fabric, stark white synthetic leather was the material we went with in the end. I absolutely love how the color complimented my skin tone! The contrast really hit the mark I thought. 

Now, let's talk about that slit! I've worn slitted skirts before, but never quite like this one. It goes dangerously high above the thigh, and it's aligned with a zipper, therefore it conveniently can go as high or low as you wish. It's the perfect skirt for day to night wear, as you can lower the zipper for business meetings, then raise it higher for dinner with your friends for example. 

An obvious stand-out accessory from this look were the sunglasses that I wore. I know you're dying to know who designed them! I got so many compliments on these, many assumed they were Dolce. Nope! They're gold Piyasombatkul sunnies under the Thai brand Moo Eyewear which you can order through Roxalne.com. These are the type of sunglasses that were made for New York Fashion Week. Big, unconventional, eccentric - Yonce sunglasses.

Speaking of accessories, my python clutch from Milago also stood out with its gorgeous red hue. The deep red fit well against a sea of white and nicely complimented the other gold/nude-colored details I wore (rings, watch, sunglasses. heels). 

LEATHER SET: Gina Devi Atelier SUNGLASSESMoo Eyewear via Roxalne.com CLUTCH: Milago HEELS: Steve Madden WATCH: Marc Jacobs

That day we attended the Zang Toi fashion show, which took place at Lincoln Center! Zang Toi is a Malaysian-born, New York based designer who's known for his bold aesthetic. Honestly speaking, I was thoroughly pleased with the show and his designs. Zang Toi celebrated 25 years in the business with a dramatic Spring/Summer 2015 show entitled "A Privelaged Life: The American Dream." The American-themed collection wa filled with red pantsuits, white sport coats and regal gowns. Hats off to you, Zang!