Hello everyone! Maria and I hope that you all had a safe and happy holiday period and hopefully great start to 2015! If you've been following our Instagram accounts, you'll know that we recently went on a 3-week Euro trip with our family for the holidays. We travelled across 7 incredible destinations and we're excited to share with you a glimpse of the adventures we're so grateful to have experienced. The next few blog posts will be dedicated to our european travels, and we're starting off with Prague! 

They say you've never been to Europe if you've never been to Prague. Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and is considered to be one of the most historically well preserved cities in Europe. What's so unique about it is that it's amazingly undamaged by WWII, with many of its medieval cobbled lanes, cathedrals and bridges unscathed. So happy to have checked off my bucket list of visiting the Charles Bridge, Prague's oldest one, famous for the 16 saints that embellish it. The best way to see the city? On foot. We must have walked miles and miles across the city, but the views and sites are so worth it. Don't forget to bring your walking shoes! 

Now moving forward to what I'm wearing...

When traveling, especially during the winter, temperatures are most often unforgiving. It goes without saying that it's important to KEEP WARM! It's a no brainer that layering is key, the more the merrier. I believe it was 0 °C that day, so I wore a total of 4. Also, when going for an all neutral ensemble, try to wear at least one piece with an interesting textile or print that stands out. In this case, it was the gold sequined top, which ultimately spiced up the overall look. And if you ever wondered if sequins and leather mesh well, they do! I personally love the contrast of hard and soft, feminine and masculine. 

COAT: Uniqlo SEQUINED TOP: Suiteblanco BOOTSSuiteblanco SKIRT: personal collection BAG: bcbg





Tex Saverio is an Indonesian designer that needs no introduction, Rio as he is better known, has an impressive resume under his belt, having dressed the likes of Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and who could forget Katniss Everdeen's (played by Jennifer Lawrence) wedding dress in the blockbuster The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

A few months ago, he designed a capsule collection exclusively for odiolo.com. My favorite piece from the collection is this Mirage Dress - an hourglass bandage dress with black intricate print on nude.  The print is the first thing you notice. The elaborately bewildering print screams in your face, something you would expect from the designer, however the monochrome tones balances the design. Looking forward to seeing future capsule collections from Tex!

DRESS: Tex Saverio BLAZER: Zara HEELSNew Look BANGLES: New Look

Photography by Galih Hastosa