Photographed by Galih Hastosa
Makeup by Bee Merdika
Styled by Cynthia Nastya

I took a left turn with this one. I dove straight into a direction I usually stay clear of - and I LOVED it. Styled by the talented Cynthia Nastya, and makeup by the brilliant Bee Merdika, It's what I like to think of as Gothic Glam: All black errthang. 

They say you never know what you have until it's gone. In this case, you never know what you don't have until you find it. During this shoot I think I might have found my long lost alter ego! :D After all, fashion is meant to be used as a tool to express different characters of a person, yes? Kudos to Galih Hastosa who talked me into letting go of all creative directing reigns (something I probably should do more of), and teaching me that, in fashion and in life, you can't always play it safe! 





Elizabeth wears:

DRESS: Jaasiel Couture BELT: Charles & Keith HEELS: Pedro

Photos by Andra Ramadhan

I am drawn to clothes that make a woman look and feel confident within herself. I am interested in structure, clean lines, clothes that speak for themselves. This simple yet striking  design from Jaasiel Couture fits all of the above. Oh, and can we talk about the daring slit at the front of the dress? I MEAN. Let's agree that the incision gives the dress an undeniable 'oomph'. 

Let's also not forget that an LBD like this one would not be complete without the right accessories. I chose a statement belt from Charles & keith (love their belts and other accessories). It highlights my waist and gives the look a more polished and clean touch.

Speaking of polished and clean, if you haven't guessed it already, we shot this post at Lippo Karawaci. One of my favorite things about Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, is that, unlike many other parts of Jakarta, it actually has trees - lots of them. Hence, we thought it be the perfect backdrop to shoot this look. The fallen leaves remind me of Autumn in New Hampshire (a place we once called home), orange and scattered all over the roads.  

Going a little out of topic, I am so excited to announce that I will have a chance to experience this favorite season of mine once again when I attend Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week this coming September with Tresemme! I have been selected to embark on this amazing event with three other Indonesian fashion bloggers (plus Andien)! Obviously beyond excited and can't wait to take you all with me on this journey. 

Stay tuned!





 (These photographs are from session 1 of 3! Look out for the next 2 sessions :) ) 

Maria wears:
Uniqlo button down shirt
Photos by Andra Ramadhan

I recently got together and sat down with one of my best friends, photographer Andra Ramadhan, for a very quick, simple, honest, easy, and refreshing photo session. For a brief moment, we left behind the glitz and glamour, pounds of thick makeup, hair extensions, overflowing ball gowns, and simply went back to basics. There is something so beautiful about black and white photography for me, and it was a joy to focus on the beauty of that simplicity and nothing else.

Moreover, it symbolizes to me much more than just a photo captured in black and white. In the midst of all the drama, hype, craziness, and chaos that make these intricate and complex moments in our day, it's easy to forget the simple joys in life. The friendly smile of a stranger, a good morning message from someone to start our day, the random compliment about what we're wearing, a cup of tea (this is so me!) an act of simple kindness from a friend. Whatever it may be, I find myself much happier in these moments of silence and simplicity when I remember to cherish such simple joys. 

Have an amazing week everyone!