In continuation of our Venetian visual diary, I would like to squeeze in just one of my looks during our amazing trip back in this magical place! Being that it was winter, I enjoyed the art of layering sweaters/coats/jackets/chic tops etc. This season, the cape blazer made a huge statement in terms of trends to look out for and thus one of the staple pieces I loved including when layering garments to keep warm! In this particular outfit, the crisp white cape blazer balanced out this otherwise heavy and dark look. 

Overall it was actually pretty easy to conjure during our hectic family mornings of getting ready for the day. When traveling you want to bring with you classic, staple pieces that can go with just about anything. And in this case, a midnight blue sweater, cape blazer, a leather jacket, and black coat + fox fur scarf (that I attached to almost every coat I wore) was perfect for just that - easy go to pieces that you can count on to keep you warm and looking great!

Also, forget all the bells and whistles - in terms of accessories -  when sporting a major statement necklace like the one I have on. Let that (and a spruce of red on the lips) be the focal point. And last but not least, I counted on classic black boots with pretty gold zipper details (that again, can go with just about any winter outfit) to finish off this 'a day in magical Venice' look. 





Our second visit to Venice, Italy was as magical as our first. One of the most fascinating cities on Earth, every inch of it screamed romance and European allure. 

It was great visiting during the winter because it meant less crowds! Since Venice is a pedestrian city, most tourists prefer to visit during the spring or summer. For the majority of our time there, we felt like we had the city to ourselves - vacant cobbled narrow pathways, deserted canals, and best of all, virtually no lines for gondola rides. The stillness the city possessed was eerie yet wondrously beautiful. We noticed how the soul of Venice comes alive during the winter. There was definitely an added air of mystery that confined the city, as fog and mist greeted us at every turn. 

In short, no Euro trip should ever be made without paying a visit to this sanctuary on a lagoon.