Our second visit to Venice, Italy was as magical as our first. One of the most fascinating cities on Earth, every inch of it screamed romance and European allure. 

It was great visiting during the winter because it meant less crowds! Since Venice is a pedestrian city, most tourists prefer to visit during the spring or summer. For the majority of our time there, we felt like we had the city to ourselves - vacant cobbled narrow pathways, deserted canals, and best of all, virtually no lines for gondola rides. The stillness the city possessed was eerie yet wondrously beautiful. We noticed how the soul of Venice comes alive during the winter. There was definitely an added air of mystery that confined the city, as fog and mist greeted us at every turn. 

In short, no Euro trip should ever be made without paying a visit to this sanctuary on a lagoon. 





  1. Your pictures are so stunning! I just pinned it so that I can plan my next Italian adventure!