Andddd no I'm most certainly NOT topless. Wearing a tube top for sure. Just wanted to clarify that haha.

Manikan. A local brand that's not afraid to put a modern twist on a traditional design. This Balinese based line of bags uses a fabric called Endek, a traditional Balinese cloth, in every piece they produce. This gives their contemporary bags a light touch of an orthodox taste. It's a lovely match between two worlds. Each bag has it's own hand-picked fabric that gives each piece a distinct character. Manikan is designed and run by a highly talented duo--Galih Hastosa and Parinatra Nugraha. 

 The pictures above are of us for their new ad campaign which we are very excited to share with you all. The bag collection ranges from simple envelope bags, wallets, sling bags, to even satchels. Our favorite would definitely have to be the envelope bags. They're right on trend, and the size is not too big nor too small. We had so much fun on the shoots (there were two), and cannot wait for the next one! One was shot in a small villa around Petitenget, Bali, and the other in a studio. Can you guys tell the difference between us yet? Tell us if you can spot which one is which! :P

Manikan on O'GOBS and dailywhatnot! 

FYI, Some fellow Indonesian bloggers that have already tried the bags are Wynne Prasetyo from Fashion Geek's Closet and even Evita Nuh from The Creme de la Crop! :) 

Please feel free to check out Manikan's twitter: @WeAreManikan, or go to their facebook: www.facebook.com/manikanbali for more info on purchasing details. (We hear there's going to be a huge sale on the 9th of February.)