Photographed by Galih Hastosa
Makeup by Bee Merdika
Styled by Cynthia Nastya

I took a left turn with this one. I dove straight into a direction I usually stay clear of - and I LOVED it. Styled by the talented Cynthia Nastya, and makeup by the brilliant Bee Merdika, It's what I like to think of as Gothic Glam: All black errthang. 

They say you never know what you have until it's gone. In this case, you never know what you don't have until you find it. During this shoot I think I might have found my long lost alter ego! :D After all, fashion is meant to be used as a tool to express different characters of a person, yes? Kudos to Galih Hastosa who talked me into letting go of all creative directing reigns (something I probably should do more of), and teaching me that, in fashion and in life, you can't always play it safe!