Photos by Andra Ramadhan
Makeup by Bianca Carmelita  

Bear with me...three looks in one post! A combination of sugar and spice. A super quick outlook on alter egos. Innocent vs. fierce. Sugar vs. spice. Beyonce vs. Yonce (is there really a difference??). Whatever you may call it, it was a super fun shoot having to play around with these three different looks, especially when the photographer and makeup artist are your really good friends!

I believe we all have these alter egos within us that reveal themselves based on situations we are in, people we are with, or experiences we are dealing with. Maybe one overweighs the other, but I can tell you I have both sugar and spice within me without a doubt! For those who know me inside and out, they have come to know the spicier side of me ;). It's the different facets within us - layer on top of layer that I think makes a person interesting. We are complex beings that only with time can we reveal who we really are to those around us. As time went by, I've learned to reveal that side of me, release my inhibitions, and it feels good.

...it may be time to let your inner Yonce out. 



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