This was our second visit to Singapore and we had a lovely weekend getaway. Having a chance to visit our Singaporean friends is always a pleasure as they are the nicest guys and such the gentlemen!! We stayed four days and three nights and even though the weather was uncooperative at times, the sightseeing and delicious food made up for it entirely. One of the new sights we visited was Gardens by the Bay. We highly suggest you visit this lovely garden area near Marina Bay Sands during the night time as the views of the gardens lighting up the night sky is absolutely breathtaking. The light show is a must to watch as well, which you can watch from Mondays to Fridays at 19.45 and 20.45. We also had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened W Hotel located in Sentosa Cove. Unfortunately it rained when we visited, but eventually the rain died down and we were able to take some shots of the outside  area. All in all the hotel and pool area was a bit small, and not to be biased (ok maybe a little), we preferred the one in Bali haha. But nonetheless, it's a beautiful hotel. 

In terms of the delicious cuisine we tried throughout our stay, we were quite satisfied with all the restaurants/cafes/food stalls/ food areas, that our friends took us. We went to Food for Thought, Wild Honey, TGW, Bugis market, and Antoinette amongst others. The desserts and pastries were especially noteworthy, specifically the Singaporean Surpise pie from TGW. Must try for those of you who have not! Another thing we cannot forget to mention is the shopping in Singapore. It's different than shopping in Jakarta, as in Singapore the stores and merchandise they offer is much more complete and in some instances, cheaper. Special mention to our guy friends who took us to all the shopping centers and were incredibly patient and waited while we undoubtedly shopped for hours! Thank you! haha While it was hard saying goodbye to Singapore, even more so to our wonderful friends, we can't wait to come back and discover new sights in the future :)

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