(H&M sweater, H&M button down shirt, H&M shorts, thigh high socks ,MICHAEL KORS watch, jewelry from FOREVER 21, BALINESE TRADITIONAL MARKET, and MOTHER'S PERSONAL COLLECTION)

Sweater. Layers. Socks. Sounds like fall to us! Better known as the rainy season if you're living in a place like Jakarta. At this time of year, it rains. A LOT. However unlike the weather, you're outfits don't have to be such a drab. Try something new like thigh high socks. They're quirky, fun, unexpected. We like to pair ours with shorts, but you could even wear them with a short skirt if you'd like. Also, pack on those layers! A white collar and a brightly colored loose sweater says polished, but comfort at the same time. 

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