(I know it’s a long time coming & I’m sorry for not posting sooner!!)

 CAN SOMEONE PINCH ME?! Long story short, I NEVER in a million years dreamed I would have the honor of becoming Miss Indonesia 2014! It’s been such an incredible whirlwind after that night on February 17th being crowned by Miss Indonesia 2013, Vania Larissa and Miss World 2013, Megan Young. I cannot even begin to adequately thank everyone who has been there for me from the start, who supported me mentally and morally, who encouraged me every step of the way, and who had unfailing faith in me. To family, friends, acquaintances, and even dear strangers, I simply couldn’t have done it without you. Corny as it sounds, I still feel like I’m dreaming…

This post is dedicated to one of many dream-like moments during this amazing journey when I had the supreme opportunity to do a photo shoot with Megan Young for the May issue of HighEnd Magazine. She is not only drop dead gorgeous, but her infectious smile, and witty personality made it blisteringly clear to me why she was crowned Miss World 2013. I remember having my hair and makeup done, sitting (more like bouncing with joy) on that chair, gazing over my shoulder at Megan and all of my surroundings and thinking; it’s funny how the universe conspires to make things happen; how it mind bogglingly conspired to assemble such implausible series of events and decided I would be a part of it.

We were styled in frosty white and black gorgeous frocks from the likes of fabulous Indonesian designers, Barli Asmara and Galih Prakarsa. The makeup and hairdo were kept simple for minimalistic, chic, and fierce overall looks. The shoot lasted the entire afternoon into the evening, but it felt like it couldn’t have gone any rapidly for me. We ended the night with dinner afterwards and she imparted unto me advice for the amazing year to come and also for Miss World 2014. Her biggest advice was essentially very simple: never try to be someone that you’re not, never lose sight of who you are as a person. Showing the judges who you truly are will be the best thing you can do. That I suppose counts as advice for life in general as well. Reveal your inner beauty ladies, for one’s true beauty lies within. :) 

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