Elizabeth wears:

CROPPED TOP: Simplicit√© SKIRT: Simplicit√© NECLACE: Saint Peter Store WEDGES: Steve Madden

Photos by Govinda Rumi  

     They  say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That’s probably why I’ve cherished, more than ever, quick home weekend visits to Bali. The minute I took a full-time job in Jakarta, I realized seeing family and tasting the comforts of home were luxuries no longer at my fingertips. It was so nice coming home and drowning myself in all of its simple perks and glories – spectacular sunsets, the smell of the ocean, the company of loved ones.

     These shots were taken during one of those trips, where I had the pleasure of working with a brilliant photographer, and long time friend, Govinda Rumi. His company Terralogical, co-owned by his business partner and fellow photographer Bonjo Abadi, is one of the most sought after wedding photography companies in Bali.

      I admire Govinda because he truly has an eye like no one else. He has the ability to see things, envision angles and create visual masterpieces one can only dream of. In essence, he’s a visual storyteller. His pictures speak volumes.

     Going back to the shoot, Govinda took me to a place I had never been before (even though it was just a mere 10-minute car ride from where I live). But that’s what's great about living on this island. No matter how well you think you know it, you don’t. Not completely. It conceals hidden gems and secret corners begging to be discovered.