In life, there are special dresses for special occasions. The one I'm wearing wearing is a beautiful Aidan Mattox white camisole dress, which by the way, looks and feels like a work of art thank to its intricate fine beading and body of sequins. It was incredible to photograph as the killer Bali coastline lingered in the background.

There are countless events that I have to attend, whether they're for work or social commitments such as industry events, weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, the list goes on. The perfect dress is always out there, but you don't expect me and the rest of us females to buy a dress every time an event pops up, do you? What happens when you need a spectacular outfit but don't want to spend a fortune on buying something you know you're only going to wear once? As a responsible and conscious consumer, i't's always nice to discover alternative ways to shop outside of the obvious traditional practices. 

This is where The Dresscodes come in. They're a company that lend us girls the dress of our dreams for a fraction of the price. Wear it for a few days, then return it hassle free. They make high-cost fashion pieces accessible to women unable or unwilling to pay full price. Dresscodes' main concept is simple: To be a community for fashion forward women to wear fashionable dresses while saving a significant amount of money, one occasion at a time. Is this not the answer to our prayers? 

In addition to lending dresses, their dresses are also on sale for a fraction of the prices found on the market. Plus, for those of you who have high-end dresses lying around that you no longer plan on using, Dresscodes accept consignments from dress owners. This means that you can sell your dresses to them. 

Have your DVF/ Vera Wang/ Badgley Mischka and eat it too! 

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  1. dresscode nya cantik-cantik, aku dari jam pertama pljrn sampai detik ini aku jelajahi blog kakak yang awal-awalnya
    nani nino