We don't have many backless dresses, and we're kind of wondering why that is! They're great for showcasing curves you want to highlight and hiding imperfections in the front. It also caters for those of you who are not too fond of showing too much cleavage since backless dresses/tops gives that balance between modesty and sexiness. It gives a mysterious and classic appeal, which we love! When you want to keep it simple and classy with a bit of sex appeal, backless dresses are the go to item. This particular one we've designed ourselves. Choosing the fabric and cutting of the dress was a lot of fun. We wanted a simple silhouette with a little surprise in the back. If you noticed, we don't have a lot of patterns in our wardrobe, so we wanted to try something new. We chose this fun tribal fabric, which has been quite the trend lately. When you're working with patterns, you want to keep your accessories simple as to not clash with the patterns or to make the look more 'busier' than it should be. Try a backless dress this holiday season or to welcome the new year with a bit of style and allure! 

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